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Request for joining the RALACA

1. Fill out the Request for joining the Red Analitica de Latino America y e Caribe RALACA.

2. Submit the description of a validated analytical method. Please go to Analytical Method Template. You can also go direct to the menu: Join us >> Analytical Method Template.

3. And Sign up to our website.

After the procedure is completed the RALACA BOARD will inform you as soon as possible if you comply with the criteria to become a RALACA member.

If the application is successful, you will be granted login access and you can enrol in a Committee and become an active member of our community.

Please note:
*If you have problems with application, you can also download following forms Request for joining the RALACA and Analytical Method Template and send it direct to

*Please complete the following information for EACH separate (three) Parts of Request for joining the RALACA:

Please insert representative Institution for RALACA network and all required information.
Part 1: Representative Institution for RALACA network
Provide the name of your Institution
Name of the laboratory
Insert the name of the person at the Laboratory who can be contacted
Email of contact person
Part 2: To join RALACA Institution
Mandate of the Laboratory/Institution
Role of the Laboratory/Institution in the farm-to-fork chain
Type of contaminants analysed
Combination matrices and contaminants analysed: provide list
Which are the accredited methods ?
Please insert the number of field that should NOT be share on the website (e.g. 2.5, 2.16)
Part 3: Country’s internal network: a national network within the net.

Start from Part 1 and continue to Part 2 for each Institution that is linked to the RALACA country Institution.

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