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 Contact person:

 Carlos Vallejo Talavera
 Oscar Guardado


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 Mandate of the Laboratory:

 Mission: To contribute to social equity and sustainable
 development in coordination with the various actors and
 institutions through training, research, extension services and
 technical and scientific support in solving environmental
 problems, impacts of climate change, food insecurity, nutrition
 and its impact on improving the quality of the food systems of teh
 country and the region through social projects environmental
 laborator, food inspection services and systems quality

 Vision: To consolidate as an entity of national and international
 reference with professionals with solid scientific and technical
 preparation, which focuses its services, consultancies, to the
 identification and solution of problems of biodiversity
 conservation, climate change impacts, coastal management and
 safety food, continuous improvement of living conditions of the 
 most vulnerable population.

 Role in the farm-to-fork chain:

 Technical assitance is targeted at small, medium and large
 enterprise sectors, aquaculture, fisheries and food in order to
 improve production yields, good manufacturing practices and
 production, quality and safety of products. As training programs,
 they are linked to programs and projects that have sustainability
 as a fundamental economic, social and environmental
 development and the region.

 Main fields: Implementation of aquaculture farming systems,
 implementation of Best Aquaculture Practices (BPMC) and 
 traceability in aquaculture farming, implementation of Good 
 Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP systems implementation, 
 management systems implementation of systems quality 
 management ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC. 17025, ISO/IEC 14000, 
 Implementaion of environmental management programs.

 National Reference Laboratory:

 Yes, in the fields of analysis of water quality by the production of

 Type of contaminants analysed:

 Pesticides, and phisical chemical analysis in water.

 Matrices analysed:

 Shrimps, saline water, coffee.

 Combination matrices and 
 contaminants analysed:

 By shrimps and coffee above all organochlorine pesticides.

 Description of validated method used:

 Standard methods of analysis.

 Laboratory accredited according to


 By which accreditation body?


 Provision of interpretation of residue 
 data to customers:


 Laboratory certified according to GLP:


 Is laboratory available for research and 
 development (R@D) within RALACA 
 when funding becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for quality 
 auditing services within RALACA when 
 funding becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for expert 
 missions within RALACA when funding
 becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for ad hoc on-
 site training when funding becomes 


 Is the laboratory available for ad hoc 
 remote/distance learning training when
 technology and funding becomes


 Is the laboratory available for 
 preparation of ad hoc reference
 materials when projects/funding 
 becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for  
 organization and distribution of ad hoc 
 proficiency testing/collaborative trials
 when projects/funding becomes




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